Boffo: Serene Sanctuary

Hi everyone!

I am here again to share these awesome places which are not usually known to many people. Places that are not really on majorities itineraries.

I bring you this time, the Boffo Resort.

If you are looking for a place to unwind, relax or meditate. This is the place.

Located at Brgy. Basdio, Sandingan Island, Loon, Bohol: this is a Serene Sanctuary.

Why Serene Sanctuary?

Its large infinity pool with an overlooking view of the sea and island of Bohol, it will heal your burnt-out soul as you ponder upon the beauty of nature.

Its modern but nature-inspired amenities that will bring you closer to nature but not far way from modernization.

The rooms are beautiful with an accommodating staff that will surely bring you your heart’s desire.

It has even a air conditioned bathroom!

Where else can you see that kind of comfort?!

Man, how I wish everybody could be here and experience how lovely this place is.

Some may say that this place is a redundancy to all resorts out there that dots the island of Bohol. I say, you should check this place out.

For all those restless souls, stressed-out hearts or even a honeymoon that wants some peace with their love-making, this is the place that you want to be.

Some photos taken at Boffo Resort:

More photos can be seen HERE.

Experience Boffo!
Experience Bohol!

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