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Santacruzan: The Parade of Captivating Beauties

Every year, at the month of May, the Philippines celebrates the traditional Santracruzan: a parade of beauties depicting the devotion of Mother Mary.

The Rotary Club of Tagbilaran celebrated this annual event with glitz and glamour as beauties from in and around Tagbilaran City marched the streets equipped with their captivating beauties and enchanting smiles to capture our hearts and portray how beautiful our Mother Mary is.

Witness some of this year’s event highlights:

Before and During the Mass


During the Santacruzan


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What a sight behold!

Justifiable to the beauty of our Mother Mary and all her queens.

Thank you Rotary Club of Tagbilaran for organizing such a “beautiful” event.

Hoping to see this again next year!

Can’t wait!